New Player Packs

Graal Kingdoms is not an easy game to get started out in, so in an effort to support our members we provide new player packs! This is a bag full of items to get new players on their feet with a basic set of armor and tools. Any new, low-level player in Zormite may receive one of these packs. New players without a kingdom can be eligible to receive one as well, but it’s on a case-by-case basis. If you would like a new player pack, get in touch with Sephias, Starling, or Mirar.

Every new player pack includes the following items:
– 1x Zormite Wand
– 1x Zormite Blade of Aengus +7
– 1x Ice Dagger of Bile +6
– 1x Ebony Bow of Brigid +4
– 1x Ebony Bow of Govannon +11

– 1x Sustenance Amulet OR 1x Sustenance Cape
– 1x Talisman
– 2x Any Ring

– 1x Snow Boots
– 1x Cross Shield
– 1x Glok Belt
– 1x Bracers

– 1x Shovel
– 1x Pickaxe
– 1x Pliers
– 1x Watering Can
– 1x Torch
– 1x Lumber Axe

-1x Minor Healing
-1x Charisma
-1x Strength
-1x Alchemy
-1x Identify
-1x Armour

-Boys: Blue Shirt and Pants
-Girls: Blue dress